Community Share Offer

Raising finance for a community share offer

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Many community groups raise capital for their renewable energy projects through share offers. Investors usually receive 4-7% interest over the lifetime of the system (e.g. 20 years). These share offers have been very successful in raising over £1m from hundreds of investors. The maximum individual investment for Community Benefit Societies is £20,000 and governance is on a one member, one vote basis.

Launching a share offer is a big job and requires lots of preparation. During this time, you should engage with potential investors to gauge the interest in the scheme, particularly the level of investment desired and the amount people are looking to invest. Once you launch the final offer, your group can get people to apply for shares through CEM or paper forms.

Resources required

  • Project development costs (see More Resources)
  • Staff/volunteer time to survey potential investors
  • Staff/volunteer time to receive share application forms
  • Leaflets and banners
  • Venues (e.g. event stall or community centre)


This project is very simple and consists of two stages:

  • Initial engagement - confirmation stage, to indicate interest in the offer
  • Gauge Interest - a pre-survey to gather information about level of interest required and amount of investment
  • Share offer - share offer application form

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